I don't mean skim Scientific American and Nature, but rather primary research at an educational institution. After all, this is a science forum, and I figure that at least a few of you are interested in science as a career rather than as a hobby.

I just finished my BA in Psychology (minor in Philosophy) and have been working in a few different labs for a few years now and I've now settled into a cognitive neuroscience lab with some unbelievable people, which I'm hoping will act as a nice bridge to my PhD research, where ever I end up doing that. An overarching project in the lab is to understand linguistic fluency through ERPs (event-related potentials - glad to discuss if anyone is unfamiliar) and specifically, looking at extremely early lexical access (as early as <100 ms). Our current project - we've teamed up with a prominent linguist - is investigating the nature of compound word processing.

I can go into detail if anyone is interested in cognitive neuroscience and language processing, but since this is an introductory post, perhaps someone else can share their own research / research interests.