The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports, no one will deny that.

However, in recent seasons, it has been the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox that have made headlines for a rivalry that has grown increasingly heated.

The Rays have only been a franchise since the 1998 season, but already they have a lengthy history of bad blood and on the field incidents with the Red Sox.

On Monday night, the benches cleared between the two teams once again. After Matt Joyce crushed a home run off of Rex Sox starter John Lackey in the first inning and then just missed another in the second before grounding out, Lackey had some words for Joyce as he walked off the field.

Joyce didn't bite on whatever Lackey was saying then, but when Lackey drilled him in the back his next time up, the benches cleared.

With that most recent incident in mind, here is a look back through the years at some notable incidents between the two teams, so you the reader can decide where this rivalry ranks among the most heated in baseball.