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    Quote Originally Posted by xk4 View Post
    In hindsight Cuban does actually look like a genius. It took one of the best individual playoff runs ever by Dirk to win the first title. The chances of a vet team playing a high level two years in a row, or even staying healthy, not great. The next year was the lockout and every guy over 30 spend half the year trying to get in shape...he was panned at the time but letting everyone walk was the right call

    Also with the new CBA's repeater taxes kicking in next Summer, many teams will wish they had the guts to do what Cuban did. OKC and MEM took steps to get their payrolls in order this year. Teams like Brooklyn, stuck with monster contracts and mediocre talent are going to be sorry
    The only way Cuban looks like a genius is if he gets Paul or howard to team up with dirk. Cause he could have one maybe two really good years left.

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    Either way, we won't win a ship as is, not in today's NBA. There are plenty of teams that have a better roster than we do. What we have is the best young All-Star caliber duo in the league. That's pretty cut and dry, but top to bottom, plenty of teams are actually built to win a championship better than we are. Don't be fooled by records. What our ability to win a lot of game shows is just how great the Westbrook/Durant duo is, and just how hard they are to deal with. That's all it comes down to. We won more games this year and actually got the #1 seed. Does that mean we were a better team this year than we were last year, even without Harden? Absolutely not. What it proved was, our two remaining superstars had to work twice as hard and spend twice as much energy to put us in that position. That may seem just fine right now, but trust me, it's gonna start to take it's toll on those guys. We've got some nice pieces around them, Sefolosha is great at HIS job, so is Collison. Serge is an absolute beast and will only get better, he's just still a little raw, his game needs sharpening, and he's certainly young enough that the sky's the limit. Martin is a fine player, but he can't replace Harden, he needs some bench help. Those guys are great role players. But it's not enough. We still need another player or two that can score and make plays. You either have to upgrade in the middle or at least add a sharpshooter that can knock down shots. They've gotta know that we need to add at least one player that can take a little of the pressure off of KD and Russ. If they don't, then it's just like I said...they're idiots. Forget about the money, it can't be an issue. If it is, then we're in big trouble.

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    If You See Westbrook Wrestling a Grizzlie.... pity the bear....

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