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    Nov 2006
    Name: wolf3742
    Location: PH
    Favorite past net: Kidd, RJ, Carter & The White Mamba
    Favorite current net: None Currently
    Anything about yourself: Just returning for old timesake.

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    Nov 2008
    Name: William Dwyer
    Location: NEPA
    Favorite past Net: Dražen Petrović
    Favorite current Net: Jared Allen
    Anything about yourself: Fan of the NY Giants, NY Mets, and of course the now Brooklyn Nets. I can be a cynic at times, but I have always seen myself as a realist. I don't root with rose tinted glasses. Being a fan of the Mets has taught me that. Whether I like or dislike something with my teams I say it.

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    Jun 2019
    Reformed Knicks fan. That franchise is too toxic. I've lived in Brooklyn for years and waited patiently for the Nets to put together an exciting roster, and now it's finally here! I went to a playoff game this year and was hooked. Love LeVert, love Allen. Now we have KD, Kyrie and Jordan. Hopefully, they shape out the roster some more.

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    Dec 2013
    congrats to the nets i cannot wait to watch the team....

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