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    Feb 2018
    From Honolulu
    Live in Yokohama
    Reds and Pete Rose fan since early 80ís
    Now, its Votto & the Reds.
    Go big red!

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    Sep 2018
    Went to a game this summer when in Cincinnati on business, it was depressing

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    Mar 2007
    Earth is my turf
    Wow this thing is a ghost town. I moved here a year and a half ago the stadium is really nice not over the top tho. The team isnít good and unless they are playoff contenders they wonít be relevant. Moving forward the pitching staff is legit. The offense is really bad but Aquino is fun to watch at the moment. He may be the hot guy right now I doubt heís the guy that you build around remember he was on the give away list for a while and past waivers because no team wanted him. Time will tell.

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