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    Rounds 3-7 Rules

    Draft rounds 3-7
    Rounds 3-7 will be a bidding system format. Each player will have their own thread. You will bid your draft pick. You will not be allowed to retract or change the draft pick if your in the lead. So that means you will not be allowed to edit your posts. Again I can see your edits.

    After one day of inactively in the thread the person with the highest draft pick bid will sign the player for minimum.

    Example for those that are still confused:

    Jets make a thread for John Doe with an opening bid of 5th round (7). Giants make a new post with a bid of 4th round (22). Giants are in the lead.

    All you need in your posts is the round and what pick. After 24 hours of inactively I'll close the thread and that's how you'll know you got the player. After being outbid you can use your pick for a different player.

    Picks cannot be traded after they are out in a bid.

    Please PM/VM warfelg if you have a question, or ask it in the Q&A thread.
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