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    Free Agency rules/Salary minimum = PM bids start at $25mil

    Free Agency:

    1. All contracts are for one season. Bidder can specify deals in the contract if they want like Base Salary (BS), Signing Bonus (SB), Roster Bonus (RB) but if they donít, Iíll assume that the money is guaranteed fully.

    2. There will be no limit on how many offers you can retract but keep in mind that if you retract an offer and then re-offer a contract to the player there is a VERY good chance you will not be in the running for the player. I will try and give a player update right away saying if the player is fine with the bid or not. Again, it's very unlikely. The player will do in his best interest.

    3. You are not allowed to have offers totaling more than your salary cap. Example: If you have 10 mil in cap space you cannot offer 3 free agents each 8 mil deals. That would total 24 mil and put you over 14 mil. Even if you feel one of the players will not sign, you must retract your offer.

    4. If you trade a newly signed player, first consult the player to ask if accepts the trade. Some newly signed free agents will be ok with this. Some may not if they signed with your team due to specific reasons. This may also effect your ability to lock in free agents.

    5. Free agents do not respond well to insults of other teams bidding. There will be multiple factors taken into account when signing free agents beyond money and team talent.

    6. After there have been a decent amount of bids, Iíll try to give an update on the FA player after a couple of days. If there is only one bid the player could sign within 3-5 days. Don't pester players to sign. Some players like to take their time, some think there is a better marked for them than what is being offered.

    7. You cannot restructure a free agents contract after you have signed them. The contract you gave them is what they get.

    8. Also please specify which team you are in your first post to the player. I know what team most of you are on but it still helps.

    9. You can not edit your posts. If you do, you can only edit the description not the amount.

    10. After a players bid goes to 25M there will be a PM bid. The opening bid must be less than this amount (example: Opening bid cannot be $25,000,001; but it can be $24,999,999) In this case all teams that are interested in bidding for this player will have one day to get their PMs into me. As soon as 24 hours have passed no more PMs will be accepted for that player. One PM per team. If a trade occurs that changes your cap room and has not been approved before the 24 hour notice, it will be acceptable to assume the trade will be approved and necessary adjustment to your bid will be accepted. However, if no trade was made and two PMs by the same team has been sent to me I will be accepting the 1st PM that I receive. (Please don't abuse that rule)

    11. Veteran Minimum Salary Benefit Rule

    When qualified, a player with more than two years of NFL experience can earn his total minimum salary, but have a cap figure that reflects two years of experience Ė or in 2014, $570,000. The contract must be for only one year, and must not contain combined bonus money (signing, roster, workout) that exceeds $65,000.

    For instance, Shayne Graham recently re-signed with the New Orleans Saints on a 1 year $955,000 contract. With more than two years of experience (12), and a 1 year contract, Graham qualfies for the cap hit benefit. His 2014 cap figure will be $570,000 in New Orleans.

    Had he received a signing bonus of the maximum $65,000, he would have received a $1.02 million contract, with a $955,000 base salary, a $65,000 signing bonus, and a cap figure of $635,000 (570+65).

    For the 2015 season the 2 year cap min is $585,000, so if you take advantage of this benefit the cap will be $585,000. Please identify when bidding on a player that you want to take advantage of this benefit to make it clear for those that are doing the salaries.

    Here are the minimum salaries we will use.

    Years of NFL experience-Salary

    0		$465,000	
    1		$540,000	
    2		$585,000	
    3		$690,000	
    4-6		$775,000	
    7-9		$900,000	
    10+		$1,000,000
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