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View Poll Results: Should the Lakers give up and rebuild??

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  • No Keep the band together they still are a contender

    37 50.68%
  • Yes they need to blow it up they are ancient

    36 49.32%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anji View Post
    I think he's technically right, it's not trolling, it's disrespectful and cowardly.

    You shouldn't be trying to kick the Lakers while they are down. Everybody knows what/who the problem is.
    Oh I forgot the Lakers are above criticism.

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    Do the Lakers need to blow it up?

    Not yet.....

    The lakers are probably not going to get a return for Nash that is close for what they gave up for him. Also as he is injured and struggled in the games he has played so far, very few teams would take on the risk until he is not injured. Pau is struggling too much and would require to take back long, bad contracts (Boozer, STAT) to get a chance to get a draft pick and/ young pieces as he is far more talented than anyone that would be involved in a salary dump. D12 might get a strong return because whoever acquires him owns his rights over the summer so they can offer more than the rest of the league, but this is an expiring contract, so if any team wants to take a risk with him and fork over draft picks and young up and coming guys, the Lakers I imagine would have to take on some future salary, so even if D12 leaves a team he gets traded to, they would have cap space and the trade would not be a bust. One of the few teams that might not require that of the Lakers would be Houston because of their obsession of getting a star caliber guy to pair with James Harden and Jeremy Lin.

    If I was Rich Cho of the Bobcats I would offer the Lakers a package of anyone but Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist for Gasol. Offer an unprotected 2013 1st round draft pick, possibly another 1st rounder if the 2013 one is not very high, Jeffery Taylor, Desagna Diop, Hakim Warrick, BJ Mullens, Ramon Sessions for Pau Gasol.

    This would make sense for the lakers because they dump Gasol's contract, get some expiring ones in Warrick and Diop, get a young small forward in Taylor who is a strong defender and could learn from Metta's basketball smarts, shoot threes and attack the basket and with D12 could allow him to develop confidence and space the floor for Kobe. Then there is BJ Mullens who could shoot okay, learn from D12 and add depth on the bench and to a poor Laker front court and be insurance at center if Dwight leaves. Then Ramon Sessions could help the bench by providing scoring when Nash returns. Until then, he can stabilize the Lakers point guard need since he has already thrived with the Lakers and Kobe last year and would be helpful in a D'Antoni offense. They also would possibly get a high draft pick or two and add a young piece or two to build with when Kobe retires....

    For the Bobcats, they would get a guy who has the potential to be the most talented overall big man in the NBA at a decent price who could help develop Kemba Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist. Also with Brandan Haywood as a back up he would have a very physical guy who could teach Gasol to toughen up. Young teams like the Bobcats do not need endless high draft picks, they need a young core and a vet who has been successful to help create a winning culture. Teams like the Thunder are very uncommon these days since most high draft picks are 1 and done with college. Gasol would bring a willing culture and a winning and positive attitude and could thrive in a non pressure zone in Charlotte.

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    I actually think they should trade Howard. They can't get anything for anyone else.

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    Tnt tnt tnt

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    Not happening.

    Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick walk into a bar... To watch Russell Wilson win the Super Bowl.

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    No. Not yet. We haven't even seen this team play 5 quarters together. Quarters not games.

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    If they have no 1st round pick this year which they supposedly dont if they miss the playoffs its the suns pick, then they have really no reason to not stay the course unless they can get draft picks for pau and artest. My question is would kobe ask for a trade if dwight indeed signed elsewhere and the lakers were stuck with no cap room. They could amnesty pau if he isnt traded but where would that even leave them even if they signed lets say CP3 for arguments sake even though I think he re-signs with the clippers. The lakers will have to win 60% of their remaining games from here on out to have a chance at the 8th seed in the west.
    Quote Originally Posted by richiesaurus310 View Post
    I was fine with George Kittle starting. I'm not sure why so many people wanna use big assets on a tight end.

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    Nah. Let them get healthy first. But I think they need to trade Gasol though for someone that fits.

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    Dec 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada.
    Give them til the All-Star break to get healthy and see how they work together.

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    May 2011
    no they jus need to play some damn d they scoring over 100 points every night but the d and their turn over kills them everday get bell and west they willl be fine

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    San Antonio, Tx
    They need to make some smaller moves, but hardly what i'd call "blowing it up"

    Official Edmunds/Vea Crew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracka2HI! View Post
    I actually think they should trade Howard. They can't get anything for anyone else.
    Well Brook Lopez will be available after saturday dec 15th. They can have him for dwight

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    they are not contenders but they dont need blow it up. Fire the coach and wait for the team to get healthy.

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    Jan 2011
    The Lakers suck. They couldn't even beat the Knicks without Melo the entire second half.

    They needed a dirty Howard play to take out Melo.

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    Jan 2012
    funny how this OP asks if the Lakers should blow it up while they are far from healthy and without 2 starters but when his Nets struggle he says they just need to time to gel...

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