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    Hamilton Bulldogs Blake Geoffrion

    This isn't a Montreal Canadien story per se, but it is a story about a player for their top farm team, Blake Geoffrion..

    For those that don't know, Geoffrion's Bulldogs played the Syracuse Crunch last Friday, a game in which Syracuse beat Hamilton pretty soundly 4-1.

    During the game (played at Montreal's Bell Centre...and in front of his parents) Geoffrion was viciously hip checked by Syracuse's JP Cote.

    It was a clean hit, however, the hit had the unfortunate effect of launching Geoffrion into the air, and he came down on his head....he suffered a skull fracture.

    Geoffrion won't play again this season....and there is the distinct possibility he may not play pro hockey again.

    Well wishes to Blake Geoffrion, his family, and friends.
    I know hockey can be a brutal sport and that all the players know the risks...still, this is something that is just a damn shame.
    Anytime a young players career is potentially cut short or ended entirely....well, its just not something anyone revels in.

    And one can't even really assign any sort of blame, because there was no foul play involved...both Cote and Geoffrion were doing what they hard hockey.

    Here is the update story with audio and video:
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    Absolutely terrible.... all the best to Blake and his recovery...

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