I LOVE The Beard. But I do not think people are looking at the grander scheme of things when discussing the Harden trade.

I agree: In the short-term, the Thunder are worse.

But do me a favor, and look at this: Dismissing K-Mart, the Thunder still got a lottery pick (and one with high potential), PLUS two potential lottery picks next YEAR!

The thunder have received the first round picks from TORONTO and DALLAS in the 2013 draft! I think that we can all agree that Toronto is a lottery pick in an Eastern Conference that is even stronger than last year. But what about Dallas, I am curious who believes that Dallas will also miss the PLayoffs this season and be a lottery pick?

If so, consider this: The Thunder have Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka in place for the long-term. They now have talented rookies in Perry Jones AND Jeremy Lamb. And possibly two potential lottery picks next year...DAAAANG!

Anyways, Wanted to post to see who believes this turns into two lottery picks for the 2013 draft?