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Thread: 2012 Umpires

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    a higher plane

    2012 Umpires

    I've noticed that umps are calling much wider strike zones this year than years past.

    I didn't know if it was my imagination or not, but I looked at 2012vs 2011 total walks in MLB and it seems like less walks are being issued up to this point in the season - im not 100% on it though.

    When you also consider that there have been more no hitters and perfect games this year than normal, it makes sense.

    Has anyone else noticed an expanded strike zone?

    Seems to me that pitchers should throw more balls out of the strike zone and hitters should swing at anything close

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    Oct 2011
    The league walk rate this year is 8.0%. Last year it was 8.1%. Not really statistically significant.

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    not really

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