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Thread: This offseason

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    This offseason

    I understand noone is happy with what is going on in Red Sox Nation right now, but I have heard grumblings (not legitimate rumors) of the sox possibly shopping Agon and Pedy. I honestly think that of all the players who were part of the mess that is this season, and last september those 2 should stay in Boston for the long run. Especially Pedy, it would break my heart to see him in another uniform. Thoughts?

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    Yeah those grumblings are from fair weather fans.

    Pedi, and A-Gon are not the issue. Was it not a little over two years ago that people were BEGGING the front office to get A-Gon? They'd be stupid to trade thos players.

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    the only reason why I can understand people "grumbling" about pedy is because of his attitude this season. I, personally, WANT that chip on the shoulder attitude in a team leader/captain type kind of player. But, his "we don't do that here" comments earlier in the season really did upset some people and now that comment is being echoed around more lately because of all the surrounding drama with the team.

    Like i said, i wouldn't want to kick him out of town because of it, but putting him in his place that he is not part of the management team shouldn't hurt him either.

    But looking at the sox, if the owners really believe the only way to fix the team is to blow it up and start from scratch, you would have to remove pedy from the team along with almost everyone remaining from the 07 team. Find a way to drop beckett off somewhere, let ortiz leave, send pedy off somewhere, and maybe consider sending off lester. They would be rebuilding a team comprised of keeping agon, ells, crawford, WMB, and clay and building up around them. Again, i'm not saying that I agree with the decision, but IF blowing the team up were the right solution...

    actually, that being said... instead of creating a new thread, IF you were in charge of the team and you HAD to blow up the team and start over and could only keep 5 core players, who would you choose and why?

    I'd keep Agon, Clay, Ells, WMB, and Lester. Only 5 But i'd keep Agon because he is as consistant as they come but also seems like he could be a great clubhouse leader if he was #1 and not behind others. Clay i think will continue to grow and learn as well as WMB so those probably don't need too much explaination. Ells is fairly obvious too, except for the pricetag he would require. But keeping his defense and his run production would be a must have. Lester would be the tough decision, because I love Pedy and the heart that he has, but i fear his numbers are going to decline faster than Lester's would IF lester was doing well. I'd keep Lester because I feel like him at his best would be better for the team overall than pedy on his best. Need steady pitching.

    What about you??

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    We've already got one of these threads already. Closing this...


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