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But pierce was way more versatile, can shoot, post up, play off the ball and is a good rebounder. I'm a die hard Laker fan and he's a rival but you can't deny dedication to be the best. I hate pierce as a celtic but you gotta admire his heart to be the best of his team even though ray and kg were there he was the best player on the team.
he might be more versatile but he's not elite at the at most of the stuff. Melo is better at all the things you mentioned except shooting from 3. Alot, of people are more versatile than iverson he was in a pg's body. He was super elite at what he did though and that puts him over most players. Contrary to popular belief iverson wasnt a bad defender till after around 2004, until then he was an ok defender not even anywhere close to a liability like some people like to lie about.