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    Why the 2012 NBA dream team is better than the 92 dream team.

    Okay so I'm tired of hearing about how the 92 dream team was better then 2012. They wouldn't be. Not at all. Not even close. Anyone who watched basketball back then and still does today can realize that the NBA is a superior league now. EVERY GENERATION GETS BETTER IN SPORTS. Babe Ruth was the greatest power hitter of all time (IMO) but put him against today's pitchers and he'd never touch the ball.

    The significance of the 92 dream team far exceeds "being the best team ever". The argument in itself dilutes what the 92 dream team did. They brought basketball to the world, and showed how exciting it can truly be. The 92 dream team set a standard that no team could get anywhere near. The exciting part of the 92 dream team is how much better they were then the rest of the world.

    In conclusion the 2012 dream team would beat the living snot out of the 92 dream team, but NO dream team will ever have the impact that the 92 team had. Don't compare super teams from 2 different eras. It's not fair to either side.

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