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    Construct Your Dream TEAM (With Ground Rules)

    Every time people normally post about Dream Teams, they put all the top players ever on one team, like so:

    C - Shaq
    PF - Duncan
    SF - Bird or LeBron
    SG - Jordan
    PG - Magic

    Utterly boring. Takes zero thought, and shows no basketball knowledge. So here's a different approach to choosing a Dream Team:

    GROUND RULES (Read Before Posting)

    Rule #1: You may have no more than 3 players on your team who have ever been First Team All-NBA at any point in their careers. You may use less, but you may not exceed that number.

    Rule #2: Exactly 1 of the three players chosen above may be a Top 12 Player of All-Time. You may not exceed this number. To leave no uncertainty, refer to Pro Sports Daily's Official Top 10 NBA Players of All Time list. To these players, add Kobe and LeBron. One and only one of these players may be chosen.

    Rule #3: You may have no more than 1 other player apart from the three chosen for Rule #1 who has ever been Third Team All-NBA at any point in their careers.

    Rule #4: Your fifth player to round out the starting lineup may not have ever been chosen for an All-NBA Team at any point in his career. So your starting five should consist of:

    3 First Team All-NBAers (only one of whom may be a Top 12 Player of All Time, defined as the 10 players voted as PSD's Official Top 10 NBA Players of All Time, plus Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.)
    1 Third Team All-NBAer
    1 non-All-NBAer

    Rule #5: After choosing your starting lineup, choose a bench. Your bench may have no more than 1 player who has ever won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award at any point in his career.

    Rule #6: The rest of your bench must consist of players who actually came off the bench. Bringing starters in the game off the bench is not permitted. If a former starter came off the bench at one point in his career, then that is acceptable (e.g., Alonzo Mourning in 2005-06, Bill Walton in 1985-86). In such case you must specify the year in which you are using the player in which the primarily came off the bench.

    Rule #7: After choosing your team, explain how you envision them working together. Specify who your franchise player is and why you've chosen him. Explain the reasons behind the other players you've chosen, and how they complement your franchise player. There should be an offensive hierarchy and clearly delineated roles, as there would be on an actual TEAM. Explain why they work together.

    Let's see what teams you people can construct where you actually have to think about your choices and can't just stack them with Top 10 GOAT players with MVPs coming off the bench. Who can construct the best TEAM?

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    Hey man,

    I know it is your rules, just wanted to give you the latest of the PSD list. We actually did a top 50 last summer.
    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
    - Michael Jordan

    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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    too much work
    “Today, we rip the hearts out of these ****in' haters!!!” - Demeco Ryans pregame speech vs ATL

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    Ill abide by your rules and the outdated PSD list, but I need some clarification on the bench. You say we can choose Bill Walton but he was an MVP and All-NBA guy at one point in his career. Im assuming we can look past those accomplishments if they are on the bench, in which case everyone should take Zo and Bill Walton.

    PG - Jerry West (1965)
    SG - Andre Iguodala (2011)
    SF - James Worthy (1988)
    PF - Kevin Garnett (2004)
    C- Wilt (1967)

    Andrew Toney (1982) - Go to bench Scorer
    Manu Ginobili (2008) - Primary Ball Handler
    Hondo (1968) - Sparkplug
    Robert Horry - Stretch-4
    Alonzo Mourning (2006) - Defensive Anchor
    Bill Walton (1986) - Offensive Glue

    Wilt is my franchise player, for all his perceived faults, 67 was a year in which no one could argue against him. Absolute perfection from the pivot, deadly efficiency both with his own scoring and passing, and capable of anchoring a defense thats comprised of stud defenders all over the court.

    Offensively I would use him in much the same way Hannum did (obviously if I chose 67 version), more of a decoy and playmaker because I would revolve my offense around players who can score off of movement and can finish lanes created for them / hit open shots.

    I chose Jerry West as my #2, because hes equally capable of playing with or without the ball, his deadly pull up shot from the elbow that Wilt/KG would surely deliver to him off the pinch post/give and go would be a staple. I put West at the 1 because with his size and length, he would be a monster defensively against most 1's (save for Magic). As his backcourt mate I decided to go with Iggy due to his ability to bring the ball up the court and alleviate West of much of the ball handling and free him up offensively. I think of him as a rich mans Paul Pressey because of his insane athleticism/defensive presence, but in all likelihood he wouldnt play many minutes because Manu is the ideal player to pair West with.

    At the 3 I added James Worthy because hes the best SF to only make an All-NBA 3rd team and hes proven adept at playing off of a dominant Post/Perimeter player without getting in their way. I can also go small with Worthy to give KG a rest and come in with Hondo.

    KG continues the trend of versatile 2-way threats. The greatest outlet option and defensive anchor blend I have ever seen.

    My starting lineup has virtually no weaknesses, we have zero defensive liabilities (Worthy is the only one you can say wasnt an elite defender). Offensively we lack shooters on the wings, which is why Manu would get the most minutes. Hes a true triple threat player. Deadly spot up shooter, can put it on the floor to get to the rim, and he has the vision to make the pass.

    Hondo would be the spark off the bench who could play 1-3, run opponents ragged. Toney can provide a different approach if I need someone to come in and look to score.

    Horry-Walton-Zo comprise my reserve bigs, depending on the matchup they all bring something I can look to exploit in the opposition. Horry can space the floor, Zo can continue the paint protection with Wilt out and Walton can continue running the offense. Depends on matchups but this is a chameleon like team in which many players can play multiple positions.

    West 1/2
    Iggy 2/3
    Hondo 1-3
    Worthy 3/4
    KG 3-5

    I dare you to find a team that I cant matchup with.
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