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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleJesus View Post
    If there is no season, do Parise and Suters contracts shrink a year, or do we still pay them the duration of the contract?
    I think they have to go on welfare for the season.

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    One year ago yesterday...In honor of that day, we sign Keith Ballard, and light of fireworks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrJamesNaismith View Post
    98 MILLION!!!! For a defenseman who's never scored 40 pts, even playing with the best defenseman in the world (Shea Weber). This is absolutely insane!
    I just had to bump this comment up, its always fun looking back at them a year or so later... Suter had 32 points in a 48 game shortened season and gets robbed of the norris trophy... Hes worth every penny. If anything, shea weber needed ryan suter..

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