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    Mark Cuban says Kevin Durant is the 'one superstar' on Thunder

    Perennial All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook does not meet Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's standard for a superstar.

    Cuban, meanwhile, comes up short in Kevin Durant's standard for smarts.

    Cuban made a point before the Mavs' Game 5 ouster Monday to refer to Durant as the "one superstar" on the Oklahoma City Thunder. What about Westbrook?

    "I think he's an All-Star but not a superstar," Cuban said.

    Source: ESPN

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    Mark Cuban says Kevin Durant is the 'one superstar' on Thunder

    The same guy who said DWIll is a superstar. Is he still a superstar or not cause I admire Cuban brashness against people towards Skip Bayless.

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    Well hopefully Durant gets a chance to leave OKC after this season and find a team where he can win a championship, that man deserves it.

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    Everyone goes cupcakes last night for Durant, but most of them were booed at the then-Oklahoma City Thunder, now-Golden State Warrior. When he makes another return to OKC after the all-star break, he will make his former fans go gaga. Kevin Durant had made such a wonderful craze last night.

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