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    Aug 2009

    Superhero re-draft Clubhouse thread

    Post your clubhouses here.


    DC Conference:
    1. Team Galactus (AceMan)
    2. Blue Waffle Alliance (Mochalman and Zaunnieboi)
    3. The Ecstasy Eight (ebbs)
    4. Team SensandRaps
    5. Papi's Killerhugs (Killerjug and papirico52)
    6. Team Boom-Boom (Silent and More-Then-Most)
    7. The Curbstomp Coalition (dmac and VCaintdead17)
    8. HULK and the Superlative Seven (mightybosstone and ZHAKIDD532)

    Marvel Conference:
    1. The Gun Show (GunFactor007)
    2. Team IABF (iam brett favre)
    3. Team Evil (PSK, aNYer and Greet)
    4. Dirty Danglers (ll LucKy ll and eaglesbaby4lyfe)
    5. I N S U R R E C T I O N (McJoe and es0terik)
    6. Midget Crushers (Mile High Champ)
    7. Team NAPPA Corey and Superdude
    8. The Walking Dead (Pittz and LeeSanity)
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    Mar 2009
    Papi's Killerhugs

    Non-Powered Human: Red Hood
    Powered Human: Vision
    Alien/God: Thanos
    Mutant: Scarlet Witch
    Leader: Nick Fury
    Flex: Marvel Girl (Mutant)
    Flex: Captain Universe (Alien/God)
    Flex: Blackheart (Alien/God)
    Flex: Mandarin (Non Powered Human)

    Round 1: Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers)
    Round 2: Thanos
    Round 3: Vision (Victor Shade)
    Round 4 Scarlet Witch
    Round 5: The Eradicator
    Round 6: Nick Fury
    Round 7: Blackheart
    Round 8: Red Hood (Jason Todd)
    Free Agency Round 9: Mandarin

    Free Agency:

    Drop Eradicator
    Signed Captain Universe
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    May 2008
    1. Non-powered human
    2. Mutant- defined as someone genetically born with an abnormality
    3. Alien or God (or both)
    4. Powered human
    5. Coach/leader
    6. flex (anything goes)
    7. flex
    8. flex

    Draft Picks
    4.Red Skull(powered human)
    5.Icon (flex/alien)
    6.Nightwing (Non-Powered human)
    7.The Abomination(flex/powered human)
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    Jun 2009
    ****ing Bruges
    The ecstasy eight

    1: Superman
    2: Dead Pool
    3: Captain Marvel "Shazam"
    4: Mystique
    5: The Thing
    6: Sinestro
    7: Hawkeye

    1. Non-powered human - Hawkeye
    2. Mutant- defined as someone genetically born with an abnormality - Deadpool
    3. Alien or God (or both) - Sinestro
    4. Powered human - Captain Marvel
    5. Coach/leader - Superman
    6. flex - Mystique (Mutant)
    7. flex - The Thing (Powered Human)
    8. flex - Night Crawler (Mutant)
    9. flex - Cyborg (Alien, God ,or Robot)
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    Jul 2007
    Detroit, Michigan

    The Gun Show

    Batman - (Round 1, Pick 1, Overall 1)
    Venom - (Round 2, Pick 2, Overall 32)
    Wonder Woman - (Round 3, Pick 3, Overall 33)
    Cyclops - (Round 4, Pick 4, Overall 64)
    The Punisher - (Round 5, Pick 5, Overall 65)
    Sabretooth - (Round 6, Pick 6, Overall 96)
    Mr. Sinister - (Round 7, Pick 7, Overall 97)
    The Green Arrow - (Round 8, Pick 8, Overall 128) "Mr. Irrelevant"
    Daredevil - (Round 9 Free Agency Draft)

    Depth Charts:

    1. Unpowered Human - The Punisher
    2. Mutant - Cyclops
    3. Goddess - Wonder Woman
    4. Powered Human - Mr. Sinister
    5. Leader - Batman
    6. Flex – Venom (Powered Human)
    7. Flex – Sabretooth (Mutant)
    8. Flex - The Green Arrow (Unpowered Human)
    9. Flex - Daredevil (Unpowered Human)
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    Feb 2012
    Superhero Redraft: Team Galactus clubhouse

    God: Galactus
    Leader: Captain America
    Flex (Alien): Martian Manhunter

    Non Powered Human: Batman (Terry Mcginnis)
    Mutant: Storm
    Flex (Robot/Powered Human): Ultron
    Flex (Non Powered Human): Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

    Powered Human: Clayface
    Flex (Alien): Asgardian Destroyer
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    Feb 2008
    Knoxville, TN
    Team NAPPA

    1. Non-powered human
    2. Mutant- defined as someone genetically born with an abnormality
    3. Alien or God (or both)
    4. Powered human
    5. Coach/leader
    6. flex (anything goes)
    7. flex
    8. flex
    9. flex

    1.) Iron Man - Super Genius, Iron Man Suit
    2.) Colossus - Ability to summon armor plating, Super Strength, he is resistant to telepathy and other kinds of psionic attacks.
    3.) Maxima - Alien, List of Powers here *Notable Mention - Only member of the Justice League other than Superman to be able to fight off Doomsday
    4.) Spiderman - If you don't know the powers of Spiderman you're a ****ing moron
    5.) Wolverine - Skeleton replaced with Admantium, extreme strength, speed, and regenerative powers. Able to summon Adamantium claws. Known as a master tactician.
    6.) Rogue - Rogue is a mutant with the ability to drain a living being's essence upon physical contact, giving them a biophysical shock while synthesizing into her body their physical skills, memories, personality traits, and superhuman matrices to a varying degree. Prolonged physical touch could be lethal to whoever she contacts. After some work with Danger and Professor X, she has gained a control of her power. Now that she has conscious control of her ability, if she so chooses, she can now physically touch people without unwillingly absorbing their powers or minds.
    7.) Black Lightning Electroknesis. Total control over electricity. He can summon it, control it, and absorb it. He can use it for flight, and has a form of all electricity that can move at the speed of light. Super human level reflexes.
    8.) Ultimate Nullifier He has two guns which he can use to temporarily nullify an opponents powers. He is a crack-shot. Very skilled with the manipulation of these weapons, as well as hand-to-hand combat. He demonstrates above average agility, flexibility and endurance.
    9.) Swamp Thing Total control over plant life. Superhuman Strength. Immortality: Theoretically so long as there is some vestige of plant life on the planet Earth, Swamp Thing will always have a vehicle through which to house his consciousness, thus rendering him effectively immortal. Chlorokinesis: The ability to commune with plantlife and to varying degrees control its growth and form. Summon forth vines to entangle or snare, and so on. A master of this ability can manipulate the microscopic algae inside of a person's body and use it to attack them from the inside out. Flight

    Draft Picks
    1.) Iron Man (Unpowered Human)
    2.) Wolverine (Leader)
    3.) Spiderman (Powered Human)
    4.) Rogue (Mutant)
    5.) Colossus (Mutant)
    6.) Black Lightening (Powered Human)
    7.) Maxima (Alien)
    8.) Ultimate Nullifier (Unpowered Human)
    9.) Swamp Thing (Powered Human)
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    Toronto, On
    Team Name:
    Dirty Danglers

    Non-Powered Human: Hal Jordan

    He can do just about anything through is imagination and willpower.

    Powered Human: Blue Marvel

    Superhuman strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, energy projection.

    Blue Marvel was powerful enough to send Sentry into orbit with one punch, while Sentry was there, Blue Marvel fought off the entire Mighty Avengers, winning the fight, until Sentry came up behind him and knocked him out. It took all Sentry could give (falling to his knees after the fight) and the Mighty Avengers to stop Blue Marvel, with Blue Marvel almost coming out on top.


    Ominpathic awareness places him in contact with every mind on the planet. He is so powerful that he has the ability to manipulate the thoughts of others, and is powerful enough to manipulate the thoughts of everyone on the planet. Gamemaster also has the ability to hold other people's abilities in check.

    Alien/God: Beta Ray Bill

    Superhuman strength, speed, flight, stamina, durability, healing factor, energy projection and can control weather. Pretty much Thor.

    Flex(Heroine/Mutant): Firestar

    Has the ability to convert ambient electromagnetic energy from her environment into microwave energy, which she can then manipulate many effects. She can release heat, light, radiation into her environment at various intensities. By focusing on a specific target, she can cause it to burst into flames, explode or melt. By superheating the air around her, she can generate enough upward thrust to fly at high speeds and lift objects as heavy as Colossus. On rare occasion, Firestar has demonstrated the ability to disrupt the psionic powers of others using her own power. She is not immune to psychic assault, but when using microwave abilities at a high level she is capable of disrupting it.

    Captain: Nova

    Flight, superhuman strength, durability, and speed.
    Currently in possession, via download, of the Xandarian Worldmind which allows him near infinite control over the Nova Force granting
    Energy projection and absorption
    Ability to exert influence over gravitational forces and open wormholes.

    Flex(Alien/God): Amazo

    He can copy other people's powers, including making duplicate weapons (GL ring for example).

    Flex (Powered Human): Red Hulk

    Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, healing factor (Immortality) and has his Astro Force (powerful enough to stop Darkseid's Omega Effect) and Motherbox.


    Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, healing factor, heat generation and has the ability to drain other people's powers. The madder he gets, the hotter he gets. the Heat he puts out can be capable of melting desert sand into glass.
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    Jul 2008
    [CENTER]The Curbstomp Coalition

    1. Non-powered human-Black Panther
    2. Mutant-
    3. Alien or God (or both)-Supergirl
    4. Powered human-Molecule Man
    5. Coach/leader-Professor Charles Xavier
    6. flex-Dr. Fate
    7. flex-Ghost Rider
    8. flex

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    Jun 2007
    Team IABF
    Pick 1: Thor

    Pick 2: Sentry

    Pick 3: Imperiex

    Pick 4: Captain Atom

    Pick 5: General Zod

    Pick 6: She-Hulk

    Pick 7: Namor

    Pick 8 (DROPPED ORIGINAL PICK): Proteus

    Pick 9: Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond)

    1. Non-Powered Human: Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond)
    2. Mutant - Proteus
    3. Alien/God - Imperiex
    4. Powered Human - Sentry
    5. Coach/Leader - General Zod
    6. Flex - Thor (Alien/God)
    7. Flex - She-Hulk (Powered Human)
    8. Flex - Namor (Mutant)
    9. Flex - Captain Atom (Powered Human)
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    May 2011

    McJoe | es0terik


    White Phoenix of the Crown
    Dr. Strange - Sorcerer Supreme
    Mr. Fantastic
    Mr. Mxyzptlk
    Mad Jim Jaspers
    Ra's al Ghul
    Cyborg Superman

    Stephen Strange
    Sorcerer Supreme


    Jean Grey
    White Phoenix of the Crown


    Powered Human
    Reed Richards
    Mr. Fantastic


    Non-Powered Human
    Cain Marko


    No Secret Identity
    Mr. Mxyzptlk


    No Secret Identity
    Ra's al Ghul


    No Secret Identity


    Sir James Jaspers
    Mad Jim Jaspers


    Hank Henshaw
    Cyborg Superman


    Survival of the Sickest

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    Houston, TX
    HULK and the Superlative Seven

    Powered human: HULK

    Coach/leader: CABLE

    Alien or God: LOKI

    Mutant: ICEMAN

    Non-powered human: BLACK WIDOW

    Flex (mutant): EMMA FROST

    Flex (powered human: HUMAN TORCH
    Flex (alien or god): STARFOX

    Flex (mutant): BEAST

    Round 1: Hulk (Bruce Banner)
    Round 2: Loki
    Round 3: Cable (Nathan Summers)
    Round 4: Iceman (Bobby Drake)
    Round 5: Emma Frost
    Round 6: Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
    Round 7: Black Widow (Natasha Romanova)
    Round 8: Starfox (Eros)
    Round 9: Beast (Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy)
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    8==D 8==D 8==D 8==D 8==D










    Depth Chart

    Non-Powered Human: Carnage
    Mutant: Vulcan
    Alien/God: Dormammu
    Powered Human: Wally West (The Flash)
    Coach/Leader: Shuma-Gorath
    Flex: Black Adam
    Flex: Selene
    Flex: Skaar
    Flex: Amatsu-Mikaboshi

    Pick #1 (16th overall) - Black Adam
    Pick #2 (17th overall) - Wally West (The Flash)
    Pick #3 (48th overall) - Shuma-Gorath
    Pick #4 (49th overall) - Dormammu
    Pick #5 (80th overall) - Gabriel Summers (Vulcan)
    Pick #6 (81st overall) - Cletus Kassidy (Carnage)
    Pick #7 (112th overall) - Selene
    Pick #8 (113th overall) - Skaar
    Pick #9 (134th overall) - Amatsu-Mikaboshi

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    Franklin Richards (Mutant)

    Brainiac (Alien/God)

    Larfleeze (Flex: Alien/God)

    Nekron (Coach/Leader)

    Zatanna (Powered Human)

    Bane (Non-Powered Human)

    Deathstroke/Slade (Flex: Powered human)

    Black Hand/William Hand (Flex: Non-Powered Human)

    Bizarro (Flex 4: Alien/God)

    The biggest strength of our team lies in the Black Hand/Nekron Combo. Nekron is the lord of the dead, and as such he can't technically die. He can only live in the land of the dead except when he has a link to the real world, which is provided through Black Hand. Nekron's powers are so great that he could not be harmed by The Spectre and he sent the Anti-Monitor back to the Antimatter universe with minimal effort, two of the strongest entities in DC. He is also the leader of the Black lantern Corps, which allows him to raise the Dead (including past superheroes) who are basically invincible. The only way to destroy a black lantern is to overwhelm them w/ different power rings from the various lantern corps (i.e. you need a GL, YL, VL just to down 1) or to raise them from the dead.

    Basically, Nekron will raise every single dead body in the universe, and you will have to deal with an invincible army. Seriously, think about every single dead superhero and villain, plus billions of others, reincarnated in an invincible army. This includes members of either team that would die during the fight[/b]. If they're killed, they just instantly regenerate. Virtually unstoppable.

    The only way to get rid of Nekron is to destroy Black Hand... which is basically impossible, because he is also a Black Lantern. The rest of the team is designed to protect Black Hand from any and all problems.

    Franklin Richards is one of the most powerful Reality Altering Mutants in the universe (he is as strong as the Celestials, who basically serve as TAAA's personal army) and will protect Black Hand from any universe altering events.

    Larfleeze is the most powerful lantern of them all. He is the leader (and sometimes sole member) of the Orange Lantern Corps. His power ring level has read as high as 100,000%, whereas other lanterns rings have been read to at most 200%. In addition to being the most powerful lantern, he can also raise his own army of orange lanterns, thereby having 2 characters than can individually raise armies of super-powerful beings.

    Bane and Deathstroke/Slade both serve as personal hand to hand protectors of Black Hand. They are both super intelligent and extremely skilled in combat. Bane is known for breaking Bruce Wayne, and Slade has always beaten Batman in fair hand to hand combat.

    The brains of our operation will be Brainac... the most intelligent being in the universe.

    Zatanna is one of the most powerful magical beings on Earth. Green Arrow once called her "the most powerful person in the Justice League." Plus she's wicked hot.

    Lastly but not least, the X Factor of our team: Bizzaro. He is basically Superman but with a different sense of logic. This will not be a problem as Brainiac can be reprogrammed to communicate with Bizarro just fine. As Bizarro would say about our team: We am the very worst team.
    Leader: Nekron
    Mutant: Franklin Richards
    Alien/God: Brainiac
    Alien/God: Larfleeze
    Alien/God: Bizarro
    Powered Human: Zatanna
    Powered Human: Slade/Deathstroke
    Non-Powered Human: Bane
    Non-Powered Human: Black Hand/William Hand
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    Apr 2008
    T Dot
    Team Midget Crushers

    1. Non-powered human: War Machine
    2. Mutant: Legion - David Charles Haller
    3. Alien or God: Silver Surfer
    4. Powered human: Firestorm
    5. Coach/leader: Magneto
    6. flex: Ghost Rider Danny Ketch
    7. flex: Ms. Marvel
    8. flex: Adam Warlock

    Coach/Leader: MAGNETO

    Non Powered Human: WAR MACHINE

    Mutant: Legion- David Charles Haller


    Powered Human: FIRESTORM

    Flex (Powered Human): Ms. Marvel

    Flex (Non Powered Human): Danny Ketch aka Ghost Rider

    Flex (Alien/God): Adam Warlock

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