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    Rose, Bulls top NBA merchandise sales
    NBA merchandising has taken a bullish turn with the Chicago Bulls and star point guard Derrick Rose ranked No. 1 in sales of team merchandise and jersey sales, respectively.

    The Miami Heat and LeBron James rank fourth in both categories, bases on sales at and the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue from April 2011 to present. Dwyane Wade is sixth in jersey sales. The other member of the Heat’s Big Three, Chris Bosh, is not among the top 15.

    New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin, whose jersey rocketed to No.1 at the height of Lin-sanity in February and March, is now No.2. Lin has been sidelined with a knee injury and is questionable for the playoffs.

    Rose, whose jersey was No. 5 last year when he won the MVP award, attained No. 1 on the jersey list for the first time in his career and helped the Bulls reclaim the top overall spot in team merchandise sales for the first time since April 2001. The Lakers were No. 1 in team merchandise since the end of the 2008 season.
    Most Popular NBA Jerseys
    1. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

    Most popular team merchandise
    1. Bulls
    With one of the largest fan bases stemming from the Jordan era, it's in the NBA's best interest that the Bulls have a star player, continue to win, and go deep in the playoffs.
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    Just in: 40K posts in 2 years, all facepalms and baiting. Get a life you loser.

    R.I.P. Clara


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    No surprise here. The most likeable and best team in the NBA (see records) would obviously be on the top of this category.

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