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    How is it determined which games will be on "ABC" in the playoffs?

    How is it determined which games will be on "ABC" in the playoffs?

    The past season in the 2011 playoffs, the Bulls with the league mvp and best record didn't have a single game on ABC, however the Thunder for instance had 2 games on ABC in round 2 vs Memphis who was an 8th seed.

    I can understand why the Lakers had games on ABC as they were the 2x defending champion and maybe why Miami had games on ABC, but how come the Bulls didn't, but Knicks and Celtics did?

    This year I think Dallas should get priority over anyone since they are the champs.
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    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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    basically whoever is facing the knicks(miami or chicago) will get that sunday afternoon abc game for sure, probably 2:30 start time

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    Whoever faces the bigger market teams goes on ABC

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    All I know is that the Lakers always get the marquee Sunday afternoon slot on ABC (NBC back in the good ole days when the NBA used to know how to promote the game).

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