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    What is the mentality of the NBA fan ???

    I'm really interested in why fans seem to have such a major issue with LeBron James and they don't have an issue with Kobe Bryant ???

    LeBron left for free agency which was his right... He led an otherwise horrific Cavalier team to a 66-16 record in 08/09 with a roster that consisted of LeBron, Boobie Gibson, Anderson Varajo, and Mo Williams... He saved the Cavs from relocation and gave them the best run in their history...

    Kobe has had the luxury of having the most supporting cast help in history for any one player... He had early success with Shaquille and co and then ran into some friction in 05/06 and 06/07... He demanded a trade because they couldn't make it out of the first round...

    Why is Kobe not villified for having a formidible roster that he wasn't able to carry throughout those seasons and demanding a trade ???

    Why is LeBron villified for absolutely doing what no other player in the history of the NBA has been able to do and leaving on his own free will when he realized he wouldn't be able to get any sort of help in Cleveland ???

    I'm interested in hearing what people have to say because this goes far beyond LeBron having a tv special, for charity, announcing where he was going to play...

    I don't remember Kobe getting the same overwhelming negative publicity for allegedly raping and subsequently paying that girl in Colorado to drop her charges...

    What gives ???

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    Apr 2010
    seriously, how is it possible you've been here three years and think this is an interesting topic? it's been done like 1000 times.

    lbj did the decision, which was bad.
    kobe has won a bunch of rings, which gives him some leeway.
    kobe has a pretty much unrivaled work ethic, while people see lbj as flawed and not willing to work hard enough on it, but more keen for the celebrity side of things than kobe - those things don't go down well.
    kobe didn't end up moving - if he did, we'd still be hearing about it.
    kobe got HUGE negative publicity for the colorado thing, i don't even know how you can suggest otherwise - time and greatness just heal those wounds.

    those are pretty much the answers you're going to get, and then a mod is going to see it and it'll be locked for being the same thread we've had 1000 times.

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