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    Quote Originally Posted by Cub_StuckinSTL View Post
    Baseball betting is very difficult. My friend who has been pretty successful betting in other sports stays away from baseball except for a few bets here and there bc it kills his bankroll betting big.
    That's funny because most say baseball is the easiest sport to win money at. In fact, most sports books hope to break even during baseball season.

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    I consider baseball betting to be very difficult because there is data that you can't measure, such as players' moods, aches and pains, or undisclosed physical problems to the team.

    Many things can happen outside the data we see and besides this, the difficulty that requires a routine play, throwing strikes and batting, are much more complicated than other sports.

    You also need to have a reliable oddsmaker. Because many alter the data and well I think it is quite difficult in general.

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