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    MSG Network Hires Alan Hahn

    Veteran Newsday Writer Joins Basketball and Hockey Telecast Teams as Studio Analyst

    New York, NY (December 15, 2011) – MSG Networks announced today that it has hired Newsday writer Alan Hahn as a full-time studio analyst. Hahn, who is leaving the paper next week, will work Knicks pre- and post-game shows on MSG Network, and also contribute to Rangers, Devils and Islanders telecasts on MSG Network and MSG Plus. Hahn will also contribute regularly on as a featured blogger.

    "We are excited for Alan to join MSG Networks’ outstanding lineup of basketball and hockey experts,” said Dan Ronayne, executive vice president and general manager of MSG Networks. “His depth of knowledge of the Knicks and the NBA, as well as the NHL, and his passion for New York sports will immediately enhance our audience’s viewing experience.”

    "This is literally a dream come true for a kid who grew up in a house where MSG Network – be it a Knicks or Rangers game – was on every night,” said Hahn. “To join New York's legendary, pioneering sports network is an exciting opportunity and an amazing next step in my media career, and I hope to only add to the great team already in place."

    Hahn has been with Newsday for 16 years, serving as the Knicks beat writer for the past five seasons. Prior to writing about the NBA, Hahn covered the New York Islanders and the NHL. Hahn started at Newsday in 1995 on the high school assignment desk.

    Hahn previously made appearances on MSG Network as a contributor, including on the weekly basketball program “Knicks Night Live” in the summer of 2010.

    As the exclusive local television home of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres, New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, New York Liberty and New York Red Bulls, MSG Networks telecasts nearly 400 live professional games per year. MSG Networks also telecasts 150 live college basketball games and 50 live college football games from top national conferences (SEC, Pac 12, Big 12), as well as other award-winning original programming. MSG Networks has won 63 New York Emmy Awards over the last four years, more than any New York station or network.
    He's the only Knicks beat writer that actually is insightful with everything. But anything is better than Kelly and Malik Rose.

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    I don't know how I feel about this. Hahn's the best beat writer for us and now all we have is Isola and Berman but at the same time, anything's better than Malik's commentary lol...

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    TV wins
    Journalism takes another backseat

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    I over heard something about this on twitter that Hahn was getting a new job but never knew what it was. Good for him that he'll be on MSG, covering the teams I love watching. Although it will be a loss reading his articles, i'm sure he won't entirely give it up. He might even start something like what Sheridan did and start up his own blog.

    I still follow him on twitter, so i'm still sure i'll get news/updates from him anyway.

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    Congrats to Alan Hahn. He was always on point and did things the right way...

    Frank Isola on the other hand... somebody please hit him with a Goku kamehameha
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    Congrats to him. Maybe the only guy on twitter I actually pay attention too (Besides @peytonshead , the guy is way too funny). One question though: Why was Malik Rose on the broadcast anyway? He played for us for a few seasons and was never really good...

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    Great for him, will miss his beat though!

    England's Number 1 Knick

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    Why the hate on Kelly? Malik I understand, but KT always brought it in the post-game.

    Still, Hahn's a great addition.

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    great hire for msg network

    I'm going to miss reading his articles every morning

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    Well they said he will be writing on the blog. Next step is sitting next to Clyde.

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    He was the only breath of fresh air when it comes to NYK reporting. His sources are horrible but his articles were great and insightful. He is good and comfortable on camera so I think he will be solid. Malik Rose sucks, Alan and Kelly Tripucka could make a nice duo.....Spero Dedes is also 100x better than Bill Pidto

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    I always though Kelly Tripucka brought in some of the best commentary in post games. You need a guy who tells it like it is, Malik just tooted the company line. Putting hann there should help only problem I have with hann is he does seem to tote the company line a little, even when he was not there. Hope he still gives some objectivity.

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    Please just no more kenny albert please anything else silence if need be but just no more kenny he should be doing dodgeball games or something.
    Video of Carmelo Anthony first time in the Barclays center

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    If you don't understand what I mean see the formula below:

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    Congrats to Alan. It's great that someone who consistently reported unbiased and honest, and who's articles were never saturated with skewed opinions was rewarded. Unfortunately this comes at a cost for daily news articles. We, the Knicks faithful will miss his insight and insider news in the daily headlines. Good luck, Alan.

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    Kelly is so annoying i mute him

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