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    Should the Knicks make Woodson the head coach?

    With the excellent additions they have made and are rumored to be on the verge of making, wouldnt it make more sense to fire D'Antoni and go with the defensive minded Woodson and play a more half court game?

    How would Chandler do in the run n gun offense?

    Doesnt the run n gun need a good pg to run efficiently?

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    Brooklyn isn't smoking noone's *** besides the line at the medicare office
    Sig bet with FriedTofuz or whatever his name is (I'm on my phone so it's too tedious to go find his exact name) that if the Nets lose to the Raptors I will delete my account and if the Raptors lose he will delete his (lol Raptors fans are so cute).

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    No, D'antoni is underrated and with the weapons the Knicks have stockpiled that offense will be one of if not the best. Chandler is fine playing up tempo or halfcourt, id prefer to run because he's impossible to stop above the rim.
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    2 years ago, this team was worth 650 million dollars. Derrick Rose has played ten games since and now this team is worth a billion dollars. Clearly, it's Tom Thibodeu.

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    D'antoni really makes me worry about Amare's knees, he'll do the same with Chandler

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