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    Boozer likes to touch balls

    "Sometimes you don't get to touch the ball much as a big man," Boozer said, "so you just go touch it to see what it feels like."

    "He (Boozer) just wants to touch it," Korver said. "He doesn't care if he shoots it."

    Sometimes other players get jealous and may want to do the same thing. Matt Harpring often wants to touch the ball when he first comes into the game off the bench. Often he shoots a shot before time resumes. Sometimes players from other teams like to touch the ball, too.

    "Sometimes, yeah," Boozer said, "and I wait for them to get the ball, and then it will be my turn to touch the ball."

    I know this article is a year old but boozer still likes to touch the ball so its still news. It's still relavent since he still does it on the bulls.
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