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    Aug 2011

    Stempniak For Langkow

    What do you think of the recent move the Coyotes made?

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    Dec 2007
    Not a fan of it really...we need a center especially with Turris not being signed yet even though he will. We had enough RW's I just feel like we could have got someone a little younger and someone who played last year and its not such a question mark about health and how they will perform at his age and such a long layoff. Overall i believe if that is the only move they make for a center i am not happy. We need someone with a little more skills...

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    Jan 2011
    As a Flames fan I'm sad to see Langkow go. He is loyal, hard working, and puts up quiet, consistent results. He is about the same age as Doan and I can see the two of them doing well with perhaps a playmaking LW. Langkow is a great addition to any team. Hopefully you guys in Phoenix will see how much of a stand up player he is. Tons of respect to him.

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