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    What do the Yotes do without Breezy?

    Many reports say that Bryzgalov will be looking elsewhere due largely to the issues with the stability of ownership. Its no secret that Breezy is a large part of the Yotes success so what do they do? Is free agency the answer with someone like Roloson, Giguere, or Vokoun? Do they go the trade route? Who do they trade for?

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    Well since they officially traded his negotiating rights they just moved on. I loved having him on the Yotes and they were willing to pay him top goalie money but he wanted to be one of the highest paid players in all of the NHL...too steep for a guy who has single handedly lost us the playoffs two years in a row because he didn’t show up. So who there are a few guys out there maybe Vokoun can get the job done? Maybe a trade we will just have to wait and see I mean this loss hurts but maybe we can pay someone to put the puck in the net now and get a serviceable goaltender. GO COYOTES!
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