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    Quote Originally Posted by NYKalltheway View Post
    Yeah sure as long as you don't mess things up ( ) and no double players
    And players should be distinguished as I said earlier. So a random Luis Suarez should be used with his full name for example.

    Inter's Luis Suarez Miramontes. There's also the current Liverpool one. Different player, both Luis Suarez.
    Then we got Jair. Inter's Jair da Costa who wasn't spectacular and the "original" Jair..
    No worries. I won't change anything you've done, just lend a helping hand

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    Can we revive this thread? Hopefully it ignites some discussion in this valley of the dead

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    I think Zinedine Zidane will also belong to legend of Marseilles, casue there is no anyone is greater than him there athought he stayed not too long there.

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