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    Freddie Hamilton signed to ELC

    Kid was drafted in the 5th round and I believe you guys have yourself a huge diamond in the rough. I am a huge Icedog Fan and follow the team very closely. His game is very well rounded, and he is only getting better. His size is also a great asset. I've linked a few videos for you to checkout incase some people do not know about him. In a lot of these videos he is playing with 2011 Prospects Ryan Strome and Dougie his brother, who are both projected to go top 8.

    This link is to his OHL Career Stats:

    And this last one is just one of those goals you have to see...

    Look forward to seeing Freddie in the NHL.
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    i would trade our first,our 1st next yr and cam wake for aj green.Locker isnt a project hed start day one
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    i think cutler is worth 2 1st rounders and a 3rd thats just me though

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