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    Do the Miami Cheat I mean Heat represent everything wrong with America?

    Let's face facts if you're a heat fan there is a pretty solid chance that you are a band wagon fan. Granted I know not all Miami fans are bandwagon as they have had some good teams in the past, even won a championship* (yes astriks there due to heavy assistence from the refs in that series) but it's an interesting analogy. It's like Bill Maher saying that not all republicans are racist, but if you are racist in America it's a pretty good chance you're republican. This has lead me into a very interesting and complex discussion among many a round table of friends and family. The NBA is set up like a mob family. David Stern is the current Godfather who still likes to preach about the old glory days and honor the old players and James Naismith (or the Salvatore Maranzano who was credited as the first known Sicilian godfathers) of the Basketball world.

    Once the NBA became unionized the it was only a matter of time before the "powers that be" find a way to exploit it and forcefully pull those strings to get what they feel is "good" for business. The mob uses this force to make money, David Stern uses this force to .... that's right make money! The players union and the owners are all in bed together leaving loop holes so that the top brass of the NBA can get what they want. Only in the NBA can you say you have a soft cap and a max cap, yet exceed that number with 3 players yet fill out a roster with the help of the NBA's revenue stream. The NBA pays a % of minimum wages, and vet minimum wages. Now take a look at that Heat roster. You got Anthony, Ilgauskas, Bibby, Miller, Haslem, and Howard all playing with on house money, it is obvioulsy in the best interest for the powers that be (Stern and his goons) to make sure that the Miami Cheat make it to the finals (and hopefully win but at least make it) that way the dollar revenue from advertising and viewership pay them back the money they spent on marketing that team.

    I know Miami fans will say this is a conspiracy theory and that there is nothing to it, but that's just your blind pride doing the thinking. Remember when I said the Heat are a prototype of everything that is wrong with America? America is in shambles because most of us are mindless sheep following bs around and believing in something with no proof, or merit. If the Miami Heat are your "religion" then it's no wonder the world is in the shape that it's in!

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    U Mad?
    A message to Lebron haters

    Quote Originally Posted by ManRamForPrez24
    I wasted too much of my time rooting against other superstars, and started the LeBron era hating him too. I'm glad I got over this, because I think he is unlike anything the game has ever seen...and to be robbed of enjoying that because I hate his greatness would be awful.

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