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    Lightbulb What do ya think about the Playoffs??

    I think its 'Fixed'. Think about it, who wants to see Okc n Bulls in the Finals?? Us. But who wants to see Miami vs. Dallas (rematch 2006). Its all about the money. Like the Bulls game yesterday, Lebron n Wade didn't do anything all game n were ice cold. Then out of no where makes EVERY shot(3 pointers after 3 pointers, 4 point play??) Thats fuked up. Same for Okc, they were up by 15pts, 8pts n out of no where they make every shot. The refs are getting payed BiG bucks for this.. What do y'all think?

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    Ya... the league fixed it so that the HEAT went 6-6 down the stretch on tough shots...

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    Feb 2010
    Yeah, pretty sure the refs put those 3-pointers in the bucket for the Heat. Good job troll.
    A message to Lebron haters

    Quote Originally Posted by ManRamForPrez24
    I wasted too much of my time rooting against other superstars, and started the LeBron era hating him too. I'm glad I got over this, because I think he is unlike anything the game has ever seen...and to be robbed of enjoying that because I hate his greatness would be awful.

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    I think the outcome of the teams who reached the finals is a little sketchy, but I do not think the refs fixed the Chi-Mia series in any way. Miami was simply the better team. And it's refreshing to be able to say that for a change.

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    Stop creating these kinds of threads please.

    If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

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