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    Challenge to Sharks Fans: Make this film for your team!

    Hey Sharks fans!

    As the NHL Playoffs and baseball season approaches, please take a look at this 90 second film trailer about Giants Fans:

    100% of the film's proceeds are being donated to charity.

    After getting tons of positive feedback from Giants fans, I'm interested in the response from fans of other bay area sports teams. I know not all of you are Giants fans, but please give it a quick look anyway, keep the comments clean and go easy on the dislike button!


    I encourage Sharks fans to make a film about their favorite team and about the fans that give their undying support year in, year out. This could be a great experiment in letting the world hear their team's story from the fans perspective!
    Check out the trailer for my Giants documentary currently in-production, "The City of Giants"!


    Giants record when I go to AT&T Park: 12-2

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    Modesto, CA
    I wish I knew crap about making films....

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    Feb 2020
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