The NBA and National Basketball Player's Association (NBPA) need to hammer out a new CBA by June 30. The NBA estimates that it will lose approximately $350 million this season, which would bring the cap down to approximately $52.6 million and significantly lower contract values. The two groups met during all-star weekend and balked at each others proposals for Basketball-Related Income revenue sharing. I've so far read about two main options that players might accept, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
One option is to keep the current revenue-sharing agreement, in which players get 57 percent and owners get 43 percent. That's a lower percentage for players than in the NFL (59.5 percent to players, 40.5 percent to owners), which is also headed toward a lockout.
The other option is to lower players' revenue percentage. Apparently, the only way the NBPA is willing to accept that is if the NBA further 'softens' the cap. It would allow owners to spend more money, while not being penalized as much. It would eliminate the requirement that salaries match in a trade. It would basically allow high-spending teams to spend high and cheap teams to be cheap.
What do you think about a new BRI revenue-sharing agreement?