In lieu of the recent debates of whether the balance of power has finally shifted from West to East, I was wondering if the sustained success of the Western conference over the last decade can be largely attributed to its superior coaching.

When looking at the coaching staffs across the league, the Western Conference possesses some of the biggest names in the NBA in Popovich, Jackson and until recently, Jerry Sloan. Not to mention guys like George Karl, Nate McMillan (perhaps the most underrated coach in the entire L), Rick Carlisle and Rick Adelman. That's nearly half of the Conference which has the luxury of strong coaching every game. Are there seven better coaches in the Eastern Conference? In my opinion, there isn't.

So while it is arguable that PLAYER talent has shifted to the Eastern Conference, does the West continue to horde the best coaches/team systems? And is that the reason that it has maintained its position as the better of the two Conferences.