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    Nov 2010

    the important thing to talk about now is, where is JR smith being traded to?

    felton, lawson

    it could be affalo(sp), but i think denver would rather trade smith. where, or what team is he likely being traded to?

    my pick is the bulls, they need scoring from SG and can start brewer and either involve bogans in the deal or use him to strictly foul in late game situations.

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    Nov 2010
    no, salaries don't match and we won't give up anyone for J.R. Smith. Unless Denver will take Bogans, JJ and a pick for J.R.

    But I don't think they will

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    Nov 2004
    Houston wants Nene bad but sources say Denver unlikely to trade Nene or JR Smith before deadline.

    and there you go.

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