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Thread: Nationals Spend

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    Jul 2007

    Nationals Spend

    100 points: Boone Carlyle
    Add pitch: Knuckleball

    100 points: Pepe Campos
    Add Pitch: Cutter

    NOTE: I have 10 points from my article, 10 points from the 3rd "Around the League Article" so that gives me 104. Then 100 points from Twitchy makes for 204. Spending 200 of them here.

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    Mar 2008
    Done on Boone Carlyle

    Not Done on Pepe Campos because you don't have enough points.

    Your article was already added to your point total, so you come up short. I've already talked to you about it so you know what i'm talking about lol

    I also asked for you to choose one of the two to do, which you did not do, so i did the first one. If you have an issue with it, i'll switch which one i did, just let me know.

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