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    1. Seattle,WA(its damn brutal here let me tell ya)
    2.tie...Rak and Dhall...but love em all cause they all are FAM!
    3.Sean taylor21... there any other teams in the NFL? Lol is it but I do root for all D.C. sports...
    6. Its fun telling seaderall cheat-hawk fans they cheated their way to the big game...they get so Sherman just so classless it just makes me mad that he gets credit for having two elite safetys watching his back....he's so over rated and one day he will have a safety duo like what we have and the world will see his true 6th round worth...HAIL To The Redskins!!!

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    Jul 2014
    1.DC VA

    2.Clinton Portis

    3.Gary Clark


    5. BULLETS


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