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    Ticket Options- Class Project

    Hi Everyone!!
    My name is Colleen Cheek and I go to Ohio University. Currently my majors are Marketing and Sports Management. Ohio University is on quarters and this fall I'm taking a class called Ticket Operations with Dr. Ridpath. The class is lucky enough to have a project with the Columbus Blue Jackets for the quarter. We are supposed to sell tickets to four (4) different games in the season. These prices are up to discounted already at the group rate no matter how many tickets you buy. Also, for each price option you can add $6 on to the ticket price and you will receive $18 worth of food (hot dog, pop, popcorn, and a udf ice cream coupon). The ticket prices are below:

    Area F (upper bowl corner)-$25
    Area C (lower bowl end)-$40
    Area A1 (lower bowl center ice)-$69

    The four (4) games we are allowed to sell for are:
    Monday, October 25th at 7PM vs the Flyers
    Tuesday, November 2nd at 7PM vs the Canadiens
    Saturday, December 11th at 7PM vs the Rangers
    Saturday, December 18th at 7PM vs the Stars

    If you are interested in any tickets or know of any groups that would be interested please don't hesitate to email me at If you have any questions or comment please email me as well. I'll send you the order form that can be sent straight to the Blue Jackets office or I can take the order for you and send it in through my professor. If you want or need some verification of the project just let me know and I'll give you the contact information for the front office project manager working with Ohio University.

    -Colleen Cheek

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    This is not a site for selling tickets.

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    It clearly stated that when you signed up for here.

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