I think the Miggy and Martinez issues are on Dombrowski. I was totally against the Victor signing at the time and knew it would cost us down the road, and no, there wasn't any other team bidding on him. Miggy is a bit of a different story but this is a business and you have to look at the future of your team. Dave didn't see that Miggy's contract would be a huge albatross later (actually sooner than later) to the team so he signed him to a ridiculous contract. Actually, Dave did both and then bolted to screw Boston's minor league system up.

Good GM's keep a competitive team while building and developing prospects to put on the MLB roster or to use to trade to fill spots. Detroit under Dave Dombrowski didn't do that, he just kept spending more and more money to make up for mistakes. I have a couple Boston friends and I told them when he signed, in 5 years you'll be screaming about this guy and what he did to your minor league system.