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    Already looking to the trade deadline! 2021 or Bust

    Once again we are forced to look at what we can gain for the future at the trade deadline this year. Oh, we will be a bit better than last year but itís still clearly, what can we get for the next year and beyond at the deadline.

    As I posted last year, one guy above all the others that could really help us is Jordan Zimmerman. He has done absolutely nothing for us since he signed his big contract so pitching well in his last year and us being able to trade him for some prospects would be a huge thank you on his way out. His contract ends this year so a contending team will not be on the hook for any additional money. He still should have some good standing in the league due to his great years with the Nationals. So even if he can put together a year in which his ERA is low 4ís or better and he seems to be somewhat of the pitcher he was in Washington, it will entice teams to trade for him, providing he stays healthy too. I think he and Boyd are the two players on my ďtrade deadlineĒ guys below that could potentially bring back some really nice prospects.

    Boyd, in my opinion, isnít great and boarder line of good/average. I think Avila really missed the boat last year on getting the greatest value for this guy. That being said, I can still see a team in need of a lefty giving up some good prospect for him, not as much as I think we could have last year but hey lets focus on this year. The better he does before the deadline the better the prospect so letís keep our fingers crossed. I donít see him in the rotation 2021 providing he doesnít completely fall apart or get injured.

    Here are some other tradeable assets at the deadline given certain factors:

    Cameron Maybin- Hey, itís been his MO the last few years. He does decent with his original team and then gets traded at the deadline. Great bench guy for contenders and playoffs. Low end prospects back at best but at least you get something and we can always resign him again if needed.

    Austin Romine- He isnít the future at catcher for us and if he produces at all behind the plate, get him traded and take the highest bidders prospects. We have two older prospects and a lot of young prospects coming at catcher. No need to hang on if you get offers.

    Schoop/Cron- If either gets a sniff from a contender, you trade them. There not here for next year. They are here just to fill in. Donít get greedy, get what you can. Hereís hoping one will produce enough to even get a sniff.

    Buck Farmer- Again, I am proud of this guy as I wanted him on the first bus out of town a few years ago. Never thought he would amount to anything here. He proved me wrong. He has been one of our best, if not the best bullpen guy the last few years. I would actually hate getting rid of him but at 29 and running out of arbitration eligibility in 2022 the time to trade him is now. Providing he proves to be a good setup man, he should bring more than you think back.

    Daniel Norris- If Boyd is finally traded then Norris is off the block but if we are keeping Boyd and Norris continues his trend upward, I may look at trading this lefty instead. Heís hitting 27 this year, hasnít really had a ďgoodĒ year yet but everyone seems to like him. He is only arbitration eligible for one more year so it makes sense to trade him if he does halfway decent. Still think heís a bullpen arm at best but he could surprise me.

    Jacoby Jones- He has shown flashes in each season that want to make you believe this is the year he will put it all together, just to shoot you in the eye with grapefruit juice. He is now 28 so heís not a prospect anymore. He could be valuable to a playoff team on his defense alone so if he hits anywhere near decent, he should be tradeable, granted not for a treasure chest load but maybe a younger outfielder to take his place. The other bonus for the team getting him is he is controllable till 2023. Might add value.

    Ivan Nova- Donít hold your breath here but who thought Fiers would bring anything back. Nova is a pure innings eater who will have a near 5.00 ERA but if he provides anything more, see if you can get a bag of balls or a couple bags of fertilizer for him.

    I would say anyone in the projected starting rotation not named Fulmer or Turnbull (so the guys I listed Boyd/Norris, Zimmerman, Nova) should be out of the rotation or traded by the trade deadline. My prediction is that we will use a 6 man rotation as soon as we bring up the young guys. So something like this:

    Turnbull, Fulmer, Mize (or Feado), Manning, Skubal, and whoever is left from Boyd or Norris. Three other guys that could move up quickly and take a rotation spot are Rony Garcia (our rule 5 pick who will start in the bullpen), Joey Wentz (Iím really high on this lefty and think he could be very good), and Paul Richan (due to his master control he could move fast but will start in AA).

    Season 2021 should be the year the Tigers finally start to challenge for the division or more so let's hope we can reap some more assets from the guys above.

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    that's a lot of words to say "trade everyone!"

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