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    Detroit Tigers Official Minor League/Prospect Thread

    *Updated* 8-28-10

    Im not sure if we had one of these but if we did im sure its dated and with all the stuff going on lately we could use a fresh thread.

    So in here lets talk about our prospects and the farm teams.

    Lets not make this a trade thread either.. Just basically state whether a guy is worth holding on to. Or should we trade him for what we can get. Also state why.


    Nick Castellanos (Plays SS and 3B. Most likely 3B for us. Sweet stroke with no visable flaws and pop. Won the college home run derby. Above average defense with range and strong arm. Was rumored to be a top 10 pick but his demand for money dropped him off. A la Rick Porcello. Drafted by Detroit in the 2nd round. Highest payed 2nd round pick of all time. Kid has a bright future if he stays healthy and I believe the sky id the limit)

    Jacob Turner (Obvious reasons)

    Danny Worth (guy has impressed me so far above average D. Projected to have an average bat. Plays 2B SS and 3B) -Is out for the year with Heal bruise. See how he does next year. My guess is a lot will ride on the Peralta/Inge situation.

    Andy Oliver (Not to many lefties out there that can throw heat. Good spec)

    Daniel Schlereth (Lefty Reliever, if he gets his command down he will be an elite bullpen guy for years to come)

    Gustavo Nunez (The guy has hit at every level of baseball he has been at so far- .315 with 45 steals in the Midwest League, but the say he is as raw as they come. Im willing to take a chance with this guy and say we keep him)

    Will Rhymes (have heard nothing but good about him. Especially his defense. We will see how he does in the majors)-Really like him so far. I think he has the potential to be an every day player for us at 2B if not a utility player.)


    Ryan Streiby(Love the power bat, But the question is can he really handle left field? Other wise he has little value to Detroit at first base.)

    Brent Dlugach (He is 27 like larish but has more "upside" if you compare the both of them. Has 6 homers and 10 steals in AAA while batting .267)

    Casey Crosby (After having Tommy John surgery and coming back this year his elbow inflated and the tigers shut him down for the rest of the 2010 season as advised by imfamous athlete surgeon Dr. James Andrews. He was out top pitching prospect coming into the year)

    Daniel Fields (Very raw but could pan out really nicely. Has Detroit ties. Ill be honest i dont know as much about him as the others.)

    Robbie Weindhart (He has not impressed me in the majors but I have not given up hope on him yet.)

    Casper Wells (We have depth in the OF when it comes to our farm. Wells had a fantastic spring training and has power. Also a good glove, the only reason he falls in boarderline is because like I said we have depth and 2/3 of our Major League OF looks to be set for years to come.

    Wade Gaynor (Third baseman of the future? It is to early to tell but if he continues to develop all signs point to yes. IF is obviously always the big question. But at West Michigan he is batting .280 with 8 homers and i have heard he has good footwork for a guy who is 6'3-225)

    Trade Em:

    Scott Sizemore (The only thing difference between Sizemore, Worth, Nunez, Fields and some of the other tigers middle infield prospects is he is more hyped, he does not impress me at all)

    Alfredo Figaro (Just has never impressed me at all.. Career AAA pitcher)-Continues to not impress. He gets a spot start today. We'll see how he does

    Cale Iorg (Dude completly fell of the map. I think coming into the 07 season he was one of our top specs and now doesnt cut the top 20. We probably couldnt get anything for him. Just sweetens a package deal.)- Has rebounded as of late but still doesnt have "it".

    Cody Satterwhite (I heard this guy is just a complete train wreck, torn labrum? He could still become a good pitcher but if we could package him at any time for somone proven in the majors, go for it)

    Jay Sborz (Guy has racked up the saves in AAA this year but is also 1-4 with an ERA over 4. Not a guy i want in the back end of my bullpen)

    Well that sums it up. I know there are some other guys out there in our farm (Ciraco, Marte, Villareal, Mercedes, Ramon lebron) But i wont speak on them as I am not real familiar with them.

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