Seem to chase this every year so thought I would again. Here are some guys I dug up from the lists out there on Rule V eligible players that I really like:

Omar Esteves, 2B, LAD (22)- He has a high end bat who hits for average with a high end on base % as well. He has shown power and as he gets older I expect him to be near or over 20 HR a year. His defense is workable at 2B but not at SS where he has played on occasion. He could fill in at SS/3B if needed but primarily a 2B.

Brendon White, LHP, Cubs (24)- Big arm lefty (96 mph) who the Cubs had as a starter but I'm thinking bullpen guy with that arm. He has some secondary pitches but I see him as a highend BP lefty who could be a swing guy or set up guy. No problems with new extended BP rules.

Brett de Geus, RHP, LAD (23)- Strictly a BP guy but could be a really good one, even a closer down the road. He has an above average fastball with a cutter and curve. He has very good control and strike out to BB ratio. Very nice upside to this guy.

Ever Moya, LHP, Rockies (21)- Really young and inexperienced but the dude is big (6'5" with some weight) and can throw it from the left side. Needs to work on his command a bit and his secondary pitches but he has some big upside for Fetters to work with this season as he is just figuring out how good he can be.

Brian Howard, RHP, Oakland (24)- You want big? This guy is 6'9" and athletic. It takes those tall guys a bit to figure things out but with his athleticism he should be real close. Doesn't throw real hard but is very deceptive with his delivery and the ball is on you before you know it. Fetters being a big pitcher himself (6'8") should be able to show him some things. Big potential with this guy.

Jose Alberto Rivera, RHP, Astros- Hinch should be familiar with this guy. He throws in the triple digits and threw multiple innings last year. If he can control it and improve his secondary stuff, he has the makings of a closer.