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    Quote Originally Posted by Assman22 View Post
    Honestly, if we don't get Bosh, I'd rather do a S&T with the Wolves for Al Jefferson. His contract is $12 mil per, and the rest of these guys will want the max, even though they don't deserve it. However, just like Joe Johnson got a max from the Hawks, some team will give these guys each a max except David Lee. So the question I ask is....would you rather have Al Jefferson or David Lee?
    I really like Lee but I think many of his stats may be ballooned due to playing on New York run and gun offensive. Also, he plays a lot like Noah. I can't remember of that top my head a team that won a championship with out a dominate big man, and in my opinion Lee is not one.

    Bosh is the best shooter, and best all around
    Boozer is the best rebounder
    Amare is best pick and roll guy
    Al Jeff is best low post guy
    Lee is best energy/ effort guy

    So pick your poison.............

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    bosh dude

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