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    Bleacher report sucks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giants11 View Post
    Guys, I can't believe your seriously considering that this will happen. It won't. The Giants' have no interest in brining in Lynch. Like I said, if the Giants' felt they needed a running back so badly, they would have addressed that need in free agency, or in the draft. They didn't.

    They feel confident in Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ware, Brown and Johnson, and so do I. What if Jacobs is healthy and returns to old form? Theirs no indication that this running back tandem of Jacobs and Bradshaw won't get the job done. The Giants' want to have that third back to catch out the backfield, they hope Ware can be that, or Brown can help pick up the load.

    Marshawn Lynch will not become a Giant, end of story. They wouldn't even trade a 4th for him. The Bills' likely want a second to a third for him, and the Giants' wouldn't bite. End of story!
    I agree with you 100%. Though, I never say never... ever.

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    guys I was just breaking it down I'm big on lynch I think he's a great rb but we don't have the room , It would make sense if they feel the rbs may be a risk with the surgeries/injuries they all suffered last season all to the legs wich can slow them down maybe the front office wants to make sure they'd be safe

    If we do it it means they saw something negative from 2 of those rbs or 1 serious problem from 1 of the rbs ...

    How can you argue that? Now I mean between money , his accidents off the field and maybe even attitude can ruin this hole deal plus price( draft picks) to get him ...also cancel it out

    I would take him but not on our team if our rbs are healthy .. I don't see an argument here .. plus perry knows him , coached him 2 so it's a mix .

    like I said I doubt it'll happen but I wouldn't hate it .

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    No thanks

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