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Thread: Murray's Law

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    Aug 2008

    Murray's Law

    I just looked at the goal again. Last night, I was in shock, like everyone, and I thought maybe Boyle fired the puck at Murray and missed. I thought he might have done that out of frustration, because he is so utterly limited by the very, very poor quality of the play of his blue line partner, I thought...anyway.

    But watching just now, Murray got nothing on that pass. N O T H I N G.
    Yes folks, he passed it more to the Avs player than to Boyle. Boyle had to come back to get the puck away from the Avs player, and you know the rest. Actually, as the play developed, Murray would have done better to hang back just a bit, let the Avs player get to the puck, and meet him there at the same time with one of those Douglas Murray shoulders that have been so rare lately.

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    Mar 2008
    lets just hope that mistake doesnt ruin our season

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    You need to read the rules that feuding families in Romeo and Juliet and highlight it because the peoples want to know about the law and you have the power to protect the rule of laws.

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