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    Please Read and give opinion good or bad

    Well I've been contiplating the whole haynesworth situation along with many others problems the skins are facing. Here are some things I've been thinking about let me know what you think good or bad.

    First Albert: I starting thinking the big problem with this is the 21 million bonus they just paid him. But then I thought how great would it be if Shanahan told Al pay back a big portion of your bonus and we will send you back to Tennessee or a good alternate team. If he doesn't agree tell him Snyder will trade him to Oakland and he can sink into the black hole. Basically blackmale almost but not quite that bad. LOL. I think this could happen. His salary is extremely reasonable so even low budget teams aka lions, raiders, bucs, could all be huge players and we could recieve multiple pics. Which we really need we can get a good guard in 3rd and rb's in 4 or the 5th round. Shanahan has been really good at that. Or maybe trade him for OT Gaither and there 2nd round. Regardless he will be traded been reading a lot of quotes from players like alexander and mcnabb saying he should be there.

    Second Lack of picks: I was thinking how great it would be IFFFFFF, we traded down to say around 13 or so pick up 2 or 3 picks. Trade from there to 20 something and get a few more picks. we could rack up 6 or 7 picks simply by keep drafting down. Use the 1st even though it will be a late 1st to snag Brandon Marshall. I'm sure then we could put a package together with so many picks to acquire gaither for LT. I think this is very possible why use 4th for okung or williams when we could get almost equal quality in gaither for a 2nd round. I think this very well might happen. Trading down a few times would be genious only if we could get gaither if not stick with 4th overall. Imagine that Gaither, Marshall, plus 3 or 4 additional picks minimum from trading down. Keep in mind this doesn't even include the possible picks we may acquire from trading JC, AL, or maybe even Cooley even though we all like him a lot it's very possible with emergence of Fred and us get a blocking TE in FA he could be on block.

    With that said just think our line would be gaither, dock, rabach, RG would be 3rd rounder draft pick, and RT would be 2nd rounder. WR would be Brandon Marshall, Devin Thomas, and Santana Moss. I love the way that sounds. I could go into a ton of detail as far as picks that could fall our way and better describe my Oline senario but I think your get what I'm saying.

    And for all of the people stressing about " we aren't doing nothing with Oline" keep in mind Shanahan isn't a moron. You don't go get a 33 year old quarterback and be in the 20's in rush ranking and 5th from last in sacks given up and not address Oline severely. He will protect his investment in mcnabb. I think a quick fix may be Draft Okung and trade Al for Second and a couple other picks and package a deal for Gaither and have two studs OT. But were see. Anyway let me know if you like my post I respect all views good or bad. I only wrote things I think are extremely possible.
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