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    Quote Originally Posted by BCB mwat15 View Post
    This isn't true. In any basic pass blocking scheme the RB's pass blocking responsibility is to work from the inside out. Also, Tommie plays 3-Tech he is naturally not going to draw many double teams due to his alignment and if he does it will probably be from a RB. Someone like Peppers forces a RB in pass blocking to work outside in.
    that doesnt stop the fact that harris is doubled in the first place buy the guard and tackle, also, forgot to mention pass blocking TES in to stop DEs as well

    we need a DT who can beat a guard one on one when harris is doubled, at least then, his lack of stats will have a use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxxplicit69 View Post
    By the way, like i posted earlier, the Defense sucked when his attitude was bad but more importantly.............TO EVERYONE THAT FEELS HARRIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN CUT....WHO WOULD HAD TOOK HIS PLACE FOR ALL I REPEAT ALL 16GMS???:CONFUSED: ......... still waiting...... did you remember the couple of games Harris didnt play plus the Arizonia gm how bad the DL was??

    Now imagine a line with Brown, harris, maybe harrison, and Peppers....

    now imagine it with Brown, melton/gilbert/idoniji/adams, Harrison, and Peppers..... then you would see what a waste of money it would be to get peppers with this option.
    cut or trade tommy and go after wilfork.What did Tommy do this yr that was so great?R opposition passed and ran on us at will.How was Tommys stats these last 2 seasons?sorry im tired of paying tommy 4 nothing.

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    Only reason I could think this would happen is to avoid paying tommie his bonus coming up n then resigning him to a bigger contract but with less guranteed money, that both parties agreed too which seems highly unlikely Harris would do that. Tommie is obviously the biggest factor in our defense, any games hes out we lose since Tank/Scott left. Harris getting penetration or not commands a double team which frees up all the other DL n blitzing LBs, w/o him our the DL seemed to double Brown n all the other DL couldnt beat the OL blocking them n we got torched in the air n on the ground.

    Now given the fact we have a good chance of landing Peppers, Harris would look a lot better. Peppers pass rush will force the QB into the pocket n step up where Harris should be waiting, or vice versa n the QB is flushed outside to Peppers. Harris made it through a whole season the only games he missed were bengals cause Lovie benched him to rest him(harris was pissed) n then because he got ejected from the ARI game early. Thats the 1st time he did get injured in a season, which should mean his knee is getting stronger n im very optimistic about Harris this coming season.

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    Won't happen.

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    Come on. 2.5 million dollar bonus? That's it? Come on. This isn't going to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlnasty View Post
    This is a ridiculous idea especially if we are going after Peppers. I'd love to see Harris without a double team.
    Agreed. At least part of Tommie's slowdown has been due to constantly being double teamed. It would be nice to have 2 guys on the D-line who can draw a double team. Teams are going to have to pick whether they want to load up to stop Peppers or Harris. I think that will have a huge impact on the DLine as a whole.

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    I think all of the Linebackers are probably happ as hell, I see big numbers from them this year. Damn I've never been this excited as a bears fan since the 06 super bowl when DHEST23 took the first kick to da house! Wow this is just what people call walking on cloud 9 I suppose.

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