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    May 2009

    tough game v magic

    hornets fought hard but just couldnt get around howard often enough and didnt really have anywhere to go on offense at the end...poseys no good awful terrible d on carter didnt help, are you really worried about carter passing, everytime he freakin juked his head posey went flying...i suppose we can claim a small moral victory playing without cp3 and thornton but idunno, guess when orlando was droppin 3s that well they are hard to beat...west fought hard to which was nice, you know he wanted to drop dwight howard like a sack of potatoes too.

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    Aug 2009
    Vince just couldnt be stopped

    when he weaved through traffic and couldnt miss a shot it was tough. But then when he started making every contested shot you knew there wasnt much you could do, but hope your offense continues.

    which it did. Collison and Peja were nuts tonight. IT's just that Vinsanity was super nuts

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