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    I'm not really a big fan of Rick Stroud, but here's an article on the progression of Josh Freeman.

    St. Pete Times:

    QB Freeman is 'The man,' and his improvement is showing

    Quarterback Josh Freeman won't take another snap after Tuesday until he reports to training game late next month.

    That means the bulk of his development from unpolished rookie to second-year starter already has occurred.

    On Monday, Freeman looked sharp in the morning practice session of the team's three-day minicamp. Unofficially, he went 11-of-16 passing with one touchdown and one dropped pass during 7-on-7 drills. Another pass was nearly intercepted by cornerback Aqib Talib.

    "I feel I'm a lot better in a lot of different ways, whether it's the playbook, watching film, but also we get a lot of physical work, fundamental work trying to improve accuracy this season,'' Freeman said.

    "There's a lot more. I know what we're trying to get accomplished, I know the alerts and the nuances in the offense when we see different coverages. It's definitely a lot more comfortable knowing where to go with the ball.''

    A year ago at this time, Freeman was getting few -- if any -- reps. He was an afterthought in the battle between Byron Leftwich and Luke McCown, who eventually was traded to Jacksonville.

    Freeman started the final nine games, going 3-6 with 10 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. But Freeman's coaches and teammates certainly have noticed the difference this off-season, from his vocal leadership in and out of the huddle to his command of the offense.

    "Especially since he played a lot last year, the second year is when you take your biggest jump,'' linebacker Barrett Ruud said. "It kind of reminds me a lot of my second year when I started, too. He knows what he wants to do and what I see is that he's working on things in practice to get better. He's not just going through the motions. He's trying things out, he's trying pump fakes. I'm sure he's watching other quarterbacks throughout the league and seeing how they play against the Cover Two or Cover Three and you can see he's trying to do those things on the practice field and seeing what works for him.

    "I think he knows how to prepare now. That's a good thing. I think he know what he needs to do to get better and he's definitely doing that right now.''

    Defensive end (, really Rick?) Gerald McCoy, the Bucs' first-round pick from Oklahoma, played against Freeman when he was at Kansas State. So far, he likes what he sees from Freeman with the Bucs.

    "Freeman is the guy,'' McCoy said. "I've actually known Free since high school. He was my teammate at the All American game and I played against him in college and now he's my teammate again in Tampa. I've seen a lot of great things from him and he's going to be ready. He puts all the work in and overtime.

    "He has no fear, that's what I like about him the most. He started a good number of games but he wasn't the guy last year. Now he is the guy and he has no fear. He's ready to take on all new challenges. He's mobile on his feet, he's got a big arm and he's a smart quarterback. He doesn't force anything, and if he needs to run and get out of bounds, he can.

    "Your quarterback is automatically your leader, especially if he's a good one, and he has the makings to be a Pro Bowl quarterback and I truly believe he will be.''

    Posted by Rick Stroud at 01:14:47 PM on June 21, 2010

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    Bucs TE Stevens working to earn QB Freeman's trust in red zone

    Tampa Tribune:

    By IRA KAUFMAN | The Tampa Tribune

    Published: June 22, 2010

    TAMPA - At 6-foot-7 and 260 pounds, Jerramy Stevens pulled off a heck of a vanishing act last year.

    The veteran tight end of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became an afterthought in the passing game as the Bucs went 3-13, catching only 15 passes for 130 yards and one touchdown. In his first two years in Tampa, Stevens averaged 27 receptions and three scoring catches, but his production dropped dramatically once the Bucs traded for tight end Kellen Winslow after the 2008 season.

    "The plan was to have both Kellen and I on the field for us to have our greatest advantage, but we got away from that for whatever reason and it was definitely frustrating,'' Stevens said Tuesday after the morning practice of mandatory minicamp. "Now, it's my job to remind Josh Freeman that I'm here and I'm going to make plays for you.''

    Stevens, 30, had been a formidable threat in the red zone for both the Buccaneers and the Seahawks, but he and Freeman didn't connect much once the rookie quarterback became the starter for the final nine games.

    "In the red zone, your quarterback has to trust you,'' said Stevens. "I've been out here telling Josh to give me a chance. Throw it high to either me or nobody. No one's going to go above me to get the ball, so put it up and we'll go on to the next play if we don't get it.''

    Offensive coordinator Greg Olson, who was promoted from quarterbacks coach only 10 days before the 2009 season opener, is determined to utilize Stevens more. After catching seven passes from Byron Leftwich in the first two weeks, Stevens posted only eight more receptions in the final 14 games as the Bucs turned to Josh Johnson and Freeman under center.

    "Both Jerramy and Kellen are very talented targets,'' Olson said. "We have to try and get our best 11 players on the field. I'm confident there has been an opportunity during this offseason for Jerramy and Josh to develop a relationship. There's no question Jerramy Stevens needs to be a bigger part of this offense.'

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    Did anyone on here besides myself go to FanFest? I had a great time. I got every auto I wanted accept Mike Williams and Benn.

    I usually try to get Rondes voucher but he wants there the past two years so I said forget it. Of course the one year I didn't get his voucher Ronde was there. Figures. But I got Ruud's instead which is one of the players I haven't gotten. He was cool but I was in the front of the line and he wasn't completely warmed up to the people yet.

    McCoy was awesome and Raheem is the coolest guy. We were talking about some cuts he made, and I told him thanks for the best draft I've ever seen us have. He was super cool and was whiling to answer all my questions. mark-O was cool too, but I didnt ask him anything. Jon Alston was nice and I talked to JJ for a while. I said to him "So Rah tells me you are shooting for 60 a game next year." he said "what rushing?" I was like "yeah man; he told me." We joked around and I asked him is he was going to be running the wildcat, and he said I should be asking you lol. Then I saw E.J. Biggers and told him that if he cut his dreads Id delete him from madden lol, he was laughing. I told Dotson to step it up cause he needs to take over at LT, and I told him that he had good technique. I also told Render that he needed to step up his game cause I said that I know he could beat out Zuttah if he puts in the work, he appreciated it. There was a bunch more, but it would take forever to type. Over all the best FanFest personally so far.
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    Minor News and Notes:

    Bucs claimed S Matt O'Hanlon off waivers from the Panthers.

    O'Hanlon is an undrafted rookie out of Nebraska. He was a full-time starter in each of the last two seasons, racking up six interceptions in 2009. O'Hanlon will try to pull an upset and make the roster as a special teamer.

    Bucs Sign Raiola

    Bucs signed C Donovan Raiola and also announced they have waived C Jeff

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    Reggie Brown has impressive offseason with Bucs

    June 24, 2010

    It's only June, and the real result of the trade that netted the Bucs Reggie Brown won't be known for a while.

    But for now, Brown is making a nice impression as he completed an impressive offseason with Tampa Bay. Brown isn't the flashiest guy and he maybe isn't the fastest, either. But that doesn't mean he won't find ways to make plays after being traded by the Eagles to the Bucs in March for a sixth-round pick.

    His good work ethic and fundamentals have not gone unnoticed by coaches.

    "I’ve been impressed with Reggie Brown in how he carries himself like a pro," Bucs receivers coach Eric Yarber said. "Early on in camp and OTAs, he got a lot of looks and caught a lot of balls. Right now, you might not see the flash.

    "But as a coaching staff, we see it on film. He’s open a lot. He just hasn’t gotten the opportunity to make plays. But he brings a veteran savvy to our group with know-how. I’ve told a lot of the guys to watch how he prepares and how he runs routes."

    The Bucs never promised Brown would duplicate the performances he turned in during his best seasons with the Eagles. Truth is, they'd be happy if he was a marginal contributor given what they gave up for him. At the same time, no one is ruling out a bigger contribution. And it seems like Brown will definitely get the chance. Whereas with the Eagles he became an afterthought during the past two seasons, the Bucs have such an inexperienced group of receivers that the position is wide open.

    "He’s a guy who runs really good routes and has really good hands," coach Raheem Morris said. "The knock on him when he came out was that he made some dynamic catches and dropped some easy ones. But since he’s been here, he’s made the dynamic catches but he’s also been catching the easy ones. He’s also been very productive after the catch.

    "He’s been a guy who has been humble and quiet and gone about his business every day. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he's going to do once he puts the pads on and I really look forward to seeing what he’s going to do once the game lights come on. We can simulate the situation, but we’re really fired up to see this guy get going in the preseason and get going into the season to see how he’s going to help us and exactly what his role’s going to be. I love when a guy comes in and absolutely has to earn it. That’s what he’s trying to do right now."

    One thing you can tell from being around Brown is that he has no lack of humility. He works hard in practice and he doesn't expect anything to be given to him. That's not always a given when a guy gets a big contract (he got a deal with $10 million guaranteed in 2006) but later falls to the wayside. Brown feels like he has something to prove, and he's right -- he has plenty to prove.

    Between the change in scenery and his exceptional attitude, it would be no surprise if Brown finds a way to revive his career with the Bucs.

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