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    who do you think is the most important turning point player in each teams history?

    my picks.

    Lakers: Magic, Lakers had won 1 ring in 20 seasons with him that was turned to 5 rigns in 10 finals.

    Clippers: Bob Mcadoo, he really gave them deep Playoff Runs when they were in Bufallo and he was often an mvp candidate, they hav enot seen anything close ever since.

    Blazers: Bill Walton, landed in a very young team that was also recent in the league and took them to the only ring.

    Warriors: Barry, the only player i remember winning a ring on his "own" with subpar teamates, teams has gone downhil ever since he left.

    Kings: Oscar RObertson, you dont mess with a dude that averaged a triple double season.

    Suns: Alvan Adams, led them to the finals stayed on the team for ages and mantained them competitive.

    Wolves: Garnett, no one had taken them further than he did and it will be long thill they are there again.

    Sonics: Gary Payton, yes he did not win a ring but he put them back in the map after some obscure years.

    Nuggets: David Thompson, a player like nothing that had been seen before his reign was short but lastd in teh eyes of young players like a certain MJ.

    Utah Jazz: John Stockton, the day they drafted this unknown tiny skiny white guy they history changed, he arriver before the mailman .

    Spurs: TIm Duncan, yes Gervin was a beast, robinson was great but titles never were close to their building until he came around.

    Rockets: Akeem Olajuwon later Hakeem, yes they missed on Jordan but i guess they wont complain much about their two rings or their finals against celtics.

    Mavericks: Dereck Harper, yes he is not as falshy as dirk, aguirre or balckman but with his addittion the mavs vecame finally competitive for a nice strecht of time. will eventually be replaced by dirk tough

    Grizzlies: Pau Gasol, they have only been to playoffs with him, neither before or after so , what else can you say....

    Hornets: Mugsy Bogues, relax!!! dont shoot me C paul will surpass him no doubt and larry j or mourning could have surpased if they didnt bail them, he put them on national tv, maybe only because he was short but he make them likable, everybody was in love wiht them in the first ninetis

    Bulls: if i need to tell it

    Pistons: Joe Dumars, yes thomas was the man but it was dumars personality and work ethic wich he transmited to his mates what made them what they were not to talk as gm he assembled a hell of a team and a champion.

    Bucks: kareem came saw and won a ring.

    Pacers: Mcginnis, they were the ONLy aba team that was straight up competitive in the nba after merger al thanks to this often forogten beast.

    Cavs: Lebron, he is on his early 20s and has already took them where they hadng ever been.

    Knicks: Willis reed, beat the mighty celtics and then the mighty wilt lakers what else can you ask for, ewing never lived up to his saivour label.

    Nets: Jason Kidd, people thought they were raped gi ing up marbury, result Nets 2 straight finals, suns to the lottery.

    Celtics: I wodl say auerbach....but sice we are talking players how bout Russell and his hands full of rings.

    Raptor: V Carter, they may hate him but can you tell c finals and national tv?

    Sixers: Moses Malone, yes dr j wa snice so was barkley or wilt but Mo was the man that took them to the promised land after repeted failures bu dr j on his own.

    Hawks: Pete Maravich, they woudl probably woudl have died if not for the falshiness of the late genius.

    Bobcats: G Wallace, how many times does an expansion draft pick stick to the team and be their leader?

    Magic: The diesel, from lottery to finals in two years.

    Heat: Dwaye wade, they still are gratefull they didnt inlcude him in the sahq trade.

    Wizards: Mike james ow serious this is a tie Hayes, unseld, you cant have one without the other, competitive for all their time togheter, and won a ring.

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    I like this thread. I agree with Jason Kidd for the Nets. He transformed this team to a contender. He took players that many thought were average and made them great.


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